Sheet Metal Drawings

We only use Solidworks, the best CAD software available for your sheet metal assemblies

We're specialists in sheet metal and fabrication design, utilising over 25 years of experience in the industry

A high-quality drawing is a powerful tool for the visualisation of the final assembly. A key benefit of a visualisation is it enables you to quickly develop an understanding of how the product can be built. You'll also be able to identify any risk of interference between components.

Being able to carry out these assessments at the drawing stage reduces the risk to money and time, before any physical prototypes are made.

Using weldments, we can create complex frames and structures using standard or custom profiles. With this method, we can create detailed material cut lists and a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM), potentially saving you hours in production.

HDL Sheet Metal Drawings

Sheet Metal Drawings usually include the following information:

  • Metal specification, e.g. thickness, material type and grain direction
  • Bend radiuses
  • Dimensions
  • Bend tables
  • Custom properties
  • Bend direction and fixed face direction

The components of your sheet metal work can be given unique ID codes, enabling a detailed BOM to be created within an assembly.

This data can then be used to provide additional information such as exploded views, detailed views, section views, or other predefined views, giving you an all-round sheet metal work solution.

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