A small but diverse team of engineers and visual artists, with over 30 years of industrial experience

We've worked on hundreds of projects, big and small

And, all the experience we've gained on those projects gives us a thorough understanding of the hands-on application and processes involved in sheet metal fabrication, component design and manufacturing assembly.

When it comes to manufacturing drawings, we understand the importance of getting the concept, initial design and working drawings right. We know how getting these steps wrong can impact the quality of the end product, it's cost or delivery time (or often a mix of all 3!)  So by getting them right, we give you the tools you need to run a successful project.

For our CAD work we only use Solidworks, the engineering industry’s best design package by far.

“By providing best-in-class, tightly integrated tools for every area of product development and management, SOLIDWORKS enables enterprises to speed each stage of the development cycle by allowing all disciplines to work concurrently, starting with concepts all the way through to manufacturing.” www.solidworks.com

To compliment Solidworks, we own a multitude of professional 3D rendering and animation packages so we can produce your work with best-in-class software tools, delivering the highest levels of output quality and photo-realistic effects.

If you need help to achieve deadlines, have on-demand design or requirements, or simply want to save on the expense of a full-time design team, contact us now. Our experts will be on hand every step of the way to guide you through our processes, ensuring we deliver the solution you need at the quality you deserve.

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